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UK Revenue

27/03/15 Social investment tax relief factsheet UK Revenue
27/03/15 Excise Notice LFT1: a general guide to Landfill Tax UK Revenue
27/03/15 Corporation Tax: hedging, derivative contracts and Disregard Regulations UK Revenue
27/03/15 Corporation Tax: Disregard Regulations for derivative contracts UK Revenue
27/03/15 Corporation Tax: hedging arrangement examples UK Revenue
27/03/15 Community Amateur Sports Clubs: detailed guidance notes UK Revenue
27/03/15 Revenue and Customs Brief 5 (2015): Aggregates Levy tax credits in Northern Ireland UK Revenue
27/03/15 HMRC statistics: pre-release access list UK Revenue
27/03/15 EU decision on aggregates levy ends period of uncertainty for large part of industry UK Revenue
27/03/15 Revenue and Customs Brief 6 (2015): reinstatement of Aggregates Levy exemptions, exclusions and reliefs UK Revenue
27/03/15 HMRC scores hat-trick of avoidance wins UK Revenue
27/03/15 Changes to rules for community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) UK Revenue
27/03/15 Tax credits: getting your claim form right (TC600 Notes) UK Revenue
27/03/15 PAYE: regional employer National Insurance contributions holiday (E89) UK Revenue
27/03/15 HMRC major projects: appointment letters for Senior Responsible Owners UK Revenue
27/03/15 VAT Notice 700/11: cancelling your registration UK Revenue
27/03/15 ISAs: transfer of benefits to surviving spouse or civil partner upon death UK Revenue
26/03/15 Payroll: what to do if your business merges or changes UK Revenue
26/03/15 Revenue and Customs Brief 8 (2015): deduction of VAT on pension fund management costs UK Revenue
26/03/15 Schedule of updates for HMRC's statistics UK Revenue
26/03/15 New fraud, error and debt measures will save taxpayer £2.6 billion a year UK Revenue
26/03/15 Tackling fraud, error and debt in the benefits and tax credits system UK Revenue
26/03/15 Implementing agreements under the global standard on automatic exchange of information UK Revenue
26/03/15 Draft legislation: the Loan Relationships and Derivative Contracts (Change of Accounting Practice) (Amendment) Regulatio... UK Revenue
26/03/15 Corporation Tax: accounting for credit losses UK Revenue
26/03/15 Reporting PAYE over the Easter period UK Revenue
26/03/15 VAT: notification of insolvency details (VAT769) UK Revenue
26/03/15 Collective Investment Schemes: reporting fund - annual report (CISC2) UK Revenue
25/03/15 Draft legislation: The Registered Pension Schemes (Audited Accounts) (Specified Persons) (Amendment) Regulations 2015 UK Revenue
25/03/15 Draft legislation: The Registered Pension Schemes (Provision of Information) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2015 UK Revenue
25/03/15 Draft legislation: The Registered Pension Schemes (Transfer of Sums and Assets) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2015 UK Revenue
25/03/15 Investment managers: disguised fees income UK Revenue
25/03/15 Getting Basic PAYE Tools working on Linux UK Revenue
25/03/15 Government ramps up efforts to tackle digital multinational tax risks UK Revenue
25/03/15 Restriction on brought forward reliefs in the UK banking sector - technical note UK Revenue
25/03/15 Anti-Dumping Duty measure AD2036 UK Revenue
25/03/15 Large Business Service oil and gas market values for category 1 crudes UK Revenue
25/03/15 Corporation Tax: Authorised Investment Funds - interest distributions and property Income UK Revenue
25/03/15 Income Tax: unauthorised unit trusts UK Revenue
25/03/15 Rates and allowances: compensatory interest rate for Inward Processing Relief and Temporary Admission UK Revenue