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Alan, just a query on USC for full Medical Card holders.
Am I correct in saying the following for 2015:
A person with a full medical card earning up to €60,000 can avail of the lower limit (3.5%) on their income above €12,012 up to €60,000.
A person with a full medical card with a salary greater than €60,000 cannot avail of the 3.5% rate between €12,012 and €60,000 and all their income above €17,576 is liable to USC at 7%.
So in an extreme case you could end up with the following:
Gross Salary €60,000 USC liability €1,860 whilst
Gross Salary €60,001 USC liability €3,345
Is this correct?

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Asked on 14 January 2016 4:05 pm