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client,, resident and domiciled in Ireland ,, receives Australian dividend income …Dividend Schedule reflects
Unfranked amount 0 Franked amount AU$ 6175, Total payment AU$ 6175, Franking Credit AU $ 2646.
Total payment AU $ 6175, used to purchase SIL
Is it correct to reflect the income on the tax return as AU$ 6175 plus the franked credit AU$ 2646 i.e Total AU$ 8,821,,
, as the TAx office assessment gives Other country income – effective tax credit

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Asked on 29 May 2017 11:58 am
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If the franking credit is actual tax deducted then you should enter the gross amount and enter the tax deducted in the box for Foreign tax.

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Answered on 1 June 2017 5:23 pm