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Just a follow up to the following query made in March 2019
Father and Daughter purchased a house in 1997 as joint tenants, the daughter provided 100% of the funding and has been residing in the property since 1997. They only reason father was on the title was to assist daughter in obtaining the funding at the time of purchase.
The father died in 2019 and the property now passes by survivorship to the daughter.
I understand that if joint tenants sell a property, they can divide the proceeds of the disposal in proportion to their original contributions provided that all the joint tenants agree in writing. Can the same principal be applied to the passing of the property on death ie. Is the value of the inheritance to the daughter 50% of the MV of the property at death (fathers joint share) or is it 0% (fathers original contribution to the purchase).

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Asked on 20 May 2019 1:57 pm