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Hi Alan,
I have a client who sold a house in 2016. I am unsure as to the acquisiton cost for CGT purposes. My client inherited the house with his first cousin from their uncle. The house was worth €98000 on the death of their uncle on 27 December 2003. Their uncle died intestate. Probate was granted on 2 June 2005 and the house was valued at €98000. My client acquired 100% of the house by ascent as his first cousin waived his right to the house by signing an agreement on 14 November 2006. I know my client acquired 50% of the property at date of the uncles death which means the acquisition value is €49,000 for 50%. But based on my research (Section 573 (6) Taxes consolidation ACT1997) as the deed of family arrangement was signed over 2 years after date of death without notice to Revenue. My client is therefore deemed to have acquired the remaining 50% of the house from his cousin on 14 November 2006 and market value at this date would apply for the remianing 50%. I am not 100% sure. Is this correct?

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Asked on 6 April 2017 3:15 pm