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Hi Alan I recently got a query from a solicitor he is dealing with an estate of a single man who died in 2018 this man was retired from a PAYE job a number of years & he was in receipt of a pension from his employment & a social welfare pension , he had accumulated a sizable amount of cash in banks Savings Bonds with An Post & Credit Union Savings he was 73 yrs old at the date of death, some of these monies were in joint names with his sister who is also single, however she is now resident in a nursing home & given her current position the solicitors are unable to ascertain what she actually contributed to these joint accounts. I am looking for any advice / suggestions in relation to dealing with CAT for the surviving sister , as you know if we could use any basis to calculate how much money was her own this would reduce her CAT liability. There is over €280K in joint names in An Post Savings these were purchased in 2017 & 2018 but the money would have rolled over on maturity and reinvested in 2017 & 2018 , would we have to go back to An Post to see how the investments were set up since going into joint names... Any suggestions Regards Mike

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Asked on 6 March 2019 5:11 pm