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Hi Alan, I have a CGT matter, the details are as follows: - Property purchased by (then single) wife as her principal private residence in 1995. - Property first let out in 2000 - Property joint ownership in 2002 after marriage in 2000. - Property sold in both of client names in 2014 Does the client qualify for PPR relief for the period from 1995 to 2000? Are the PPR relief years between 1995 and 2000 based on tax years (April to April) or calendar years? Does the change in ownership to joint ownership in 2002, qualify them for double CGT annual allowance of €1,270 in 2014? They incurred painting and cleaning costs prior to the sale in 2014, are these allowed against the proceeds? Thanks, Niall

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Asked on 11 June 2014 3:46 pm