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Clint bought a property in 2003 for 165k with her partner at the time. They lived together until 2006, when they separated. In 2006 client moved to Italy. Her ex-partner continued to reside in the property until September 2008 when he moved to the UK and married in September 2009. He has rented a property in the UK since that date. Client married in September 2008 and lived in Italy until January 2012. Her husband had a property in Italy, which he sold end of 2011. Client moved back to Ireland and into the property in 2012 where she has resided with her family since that date. During the time frame from September 2008 to end of 2011 her ex-partner rented out the property. The property is now up for sale with sale agreed of 250K. Since they were not married,can PPR be claimed for the periods where either one or other of them resided in the property, or would they have had to live in it as a couple to claim the relief

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Asked on 23 October 2018 11:12 am