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Hi Alan, Mr. A dies intestate in June 2014. €615k Estate consists of: €75k cash, Farm house €75k and agricultural assets €465k (Land 400k, Livestock 50k and machinery 15k.) Mr. A has 4 siblings who are entitled to 25% each of the estate under the rules of intestacy. They wish to utilise a deed of family arrangement to divide the assets to suit. Under the proposed deed Sibling 1 will receive the farm house €75k and €255k of agricultural assets. He has €80k non-agricultural assets at present. Siblings 2 will receive €105k of agricultural assets. He is a farmer and all the assets he owns now are agricultural and farming is his sole source of income. Sibling 3 will receive €105k of agricultural assets. She has no assets whatsoever. Sibling 4 will receive the €75k cash. I am aware of S. 573 (6) and the double charge to CAT. The main question I have is: Does the Deed of Family Arrangement mean that the valuation date for CAT purposes moves from date of death to the date of the deed of family arrangement? Thanks, Liam

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Asked on 24 February 2015 5:11 pm