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Hi Alan, My client is resident and domiciled in Ireland. He worked int he USA many years ago, but returned to Irl. and has been farming here for many years. He is also an employee of a local development company in receipt of paye income. He is in receipt of a small US pension of approximately $6000.00 per year. I took over this case recently. The previous tax agent filed his Irish Form 11 with his farm income(case 1) and his PAYE income. However, they did not include his US pension in the Form 11 for 2018. My client also files a US tax return (Form 8879) which is filed by a company in the USA(Withum). He has not paid any US taxes on his US pension. (1) should my client included on his F11 in Irl. the US pension? (2)What is your advice on this case with regard to my client meeting his full tax duties?

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Asked on 30 July 2020 7:13 am