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Hi Alan, my client retired from secondary teaching on 1/9/2016 with over 20 years service. She is married and her husband is farming. They have filed all their tax returns(F 11's) for all previous years. On retirement she paid €89523 towards the purchase of Service under PCW as she did not have the required 40 years service. The document from the Department of Education & Skills mentioned " that she is entitled to apply for tax relief under the amendment made by the Finance Act 2004 to sub-section 7(b) of section 774 of the Principal Act for contributions deducted in respect of actual service purchased under the PCW agreement". Q 1: Can my client get tax relief on this purchase of service and spread the relief/claim over the past 10 years? Q 2: On the understanding that my client can spread the relief/claim back over the past ten years, do I have to make the claim for each individual year or do I note the claim on the tax return for 2016 by way of a note and request revenue to grant relief at my clients marginal rate of I.T. over previous years until the relief if given at the marginal rate? My client wants to get relief at the top rate of I.T. for the full amount of €89523.00. What is your advice?

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Asked on 22 April 2017 11:25 am