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Hi Alan, We have a husband and wife, who are both medical doctors. The wife carries on her business through a Ltd Medical Co. The husband carries on his Private Practice as a Sole Trader (Not yet operating through Company for CGT Retirement Relief reason). The husband is also a Director of the above Ltd Co. If the husband puts through a Consultancy Charge at Y/e in his Private Practice Acts from his wife's Co, I have the following two queries: 1. Would Revenue deem the consultancy charge from the wife to be liable to PAYE/USC/PRSI?Employed as a locum under contract of service, similar to the Revenue view on Dental Associates? 2. The charge will be shown as income in the Ltd Co. Given the husband is also a Director, how should the debt be shown in the Ltd Co? If posted to the Directors Current Account, there will obviously be tax implications. Or is it ok to show as a normal debt o/s at Y/e in the Co Acts? Thanking You Padraig Agnew

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Asked on 14 October 2013 9:49 am