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Hi Alan, Is a loss on a Principal Private Residence restricted using the same formula as the PPR relief available if there was a gain. In the example below the loss on the sale of the house is €50,000. Is this then restricted to an allowable loss of €40,000 when the PPR relief formula is applied? Purchase Price 20/08/2007 450,000.00 Sale Proceeds 01/12/2014 400,000.00 Loss -50,000.00 Deduct Principal Private residence relief Last 12 months plus period occupied 50 months Period of ownership 250 months 10,000.00 Allowable loss -40,000.00 Is the allowable loss; 1) €50,000; or 2) €40,000 after applying the PPR relief formula.

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Asked on 28 October 2015 2:27 pm