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Hi Alan, I have a new client and he will be moving back to Ireland in 2017. He was born in Ireland in 1954 and worked in the army here from around 1973 up until 2005. He then took a UN job and has been working full time in Lebanon since with the UN and will be working there until 2017 when he retires. The UN administer his salary and take whatever deductions from him on that. He is in receipt of an army pension which began paying out in 2008 tax is deducted from this by the Irish army. He has 2 deposit accounts here in Ireland that are both earning interest DIRT is being deducted from the bank on this. He is worried that he needs to be declaring all of his income here in Ireland for the past 9 years. Can you get back to me on how to declare or if he has to declare all on this income in Ireland for the past 9 years and also how to treat it going forward. Many Thanks, Gillian

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Asked on 28 August 2014 3:05 pm