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Hi, I have a client (husband & wife) who are resident in New York and live in rented accommodation there. They purchased an apartment in Ireland in 1987 and the wife spent months at a time for several years living in this apartment minding her mother. They have now retired and intend to sell the apartment in Galway City to buy a small house nearer their home town in Co Galway where they intend to reside permanently. Can any portion of the gain on the apartment be claimed as PPR Relief for the time the wife spent here minding her mother? If so, what type of documentation will be acceptable to Revenue in support of this? Or can Revenue argue that their New York apartment was their PPR for the entire period although they were only renting it? They rented out their Galway apartment in the last 10 years following the wife's mothers death as she didn't come to Ireland much after that. Can the last 12 months before sale be considered as a deemed period of occupation in this case? Thanks for your help.

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Asked on 25 September 2018 10:56 am