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Below is the link to what the Revenue have to say about payments to Proprietary Directors under PAYE Modernisation:
It does not make a whole lot of senses to me.. so it seems to be saying if you pay a Proprietary Director a bonus / emolument relating to a previous year within 6 months of the year end then it is recorded for PAYE purposes on the date of payment, however the Director must account for the Income in the earlier period.
If you wait 6 months after the y/e to pay the bonus / emolument then you amend the Dec payroll to include the to avoid the mis-match between reported income and actually tax paid you need to ensure bonuses are paid 6 month after your y/e and there does not seem to be any cut off on this it could be 9 or 10 month..go figure!!!

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Asked on 10 January 2019 8:15 am