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My client moved to UK from ireland in February, 2018. He continued to exercise the duties of his irish employment remotely in the UK until July, 2018 with only 2/3 days spent working in Ireland during that time, He was paid by the Irish company and had irish payroll taxes deducted from his salary. In November/December he had some consulting work for an Irish company - the duties of which he performed remotely from the UK. The Irish company then deducted PWST from the payment of his invoices. Question - should I treat him as resident because he spent more than 200 days in Ireland 2017/2018 but will that then open him up to taxation on any UK income he may have had, or should he be treated as non-resident but ordinarily resident in which case he will receive only a portion of reliefs/allowances ?

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Asked on 5 November 2019 9:47 pm