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Hi Alan,
My client is a company director of a small Irish based company that he owns , he has been employed by the company up to 30.04.16 , he took up employment in Dubai on 01.05.16 & he will be non resident for 2017 & 2018 . In 2015 he had worked in Dubai under his own company so some of his earnings were earned while out of the country so he claimed foreign income deduction relief in 2015. While employed by his company in 2016 up to 30.04.16 he was a total of 86 days, out of the country he wants to claim foreign income deduction relief for the first part of 2016 , the leaflet on this states that you are excluded from making a claim under foreign income deduction if you are claiming split year treatment … Am I correct in this the reason one would claim split year treatment is in this case all earnings for the remainder of the year 2016 earned abroad are exempt from Irish tax … how do you make a claim for split year treatment for 2016
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Mike Murphy

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Asked on 23 June 2017 3:18 pm