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i have a client who is employed by an irish employer and lives in france and pays taxes in france. She pays social security in ireland. She is about to receive a settlement for discrimmination. Where I assume she will pay no tax on this as it is exempt firstly and she doesnt pay tax in ireland. Will she be required to pay social security on the settlement in ireland?. She is receiving seperate tax advice re french taxes. thank you

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Asked on 6 November 2018 12:04 pm
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How do you know the payment is exempt?

If the payment represents arrears of remuneration it is subject to income tax and PRSI (see TCA 1997 s 192A and Tax and Duty Manual 07-01-27).

Where was the employment exercised ? Presumably France as she pays tax there.

If she is Irish working on assignment in France she can opt to stay in the Irish PRSI system using form A1.

Did she do this? If she did she pays Irish social security.

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Answered on 21 November 2018 5:14 pm