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Business is registered in Ireland. VAT is registred in IRL and in UK. How to account incomes and expenses related to sales from UK as business do pay VAT in UK ? Which VAT code we have to apply - Out of Scope or ECS? Thank you

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Asked on 24 January 2020 10:57 am
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Not sure whether you are talking about transfer of goods within the same entity - "consignment stock" - such a transfer is zero-rated if it meets the consignment stock conditions:

Consignment stock is a term used to describe a movement of goods by a supplier in one Member State to another Member State to be held in stock there and provided to customers as required. The goods remain under the control of the supplier and are not intended for any one known customer at the time of transport.

A non-established trader is not obliged to register for Value-Added Tax (VAT) where they send consignment stock from another European Union (EU) Member State to the State for use by an accountable person.

The VAT will be accounted for by the accountable person as an intra-Community acquisition when the stock is drawn off.

The warehouse keeper must, in all cases, be independent of the supplier.

A non-established supplier may reclaim VAT through the Electronic VAT Refund (EVR) system where he or she has suffered Irish VAT.

From what you are saying the supplier appears to be established in the UK, but also has some kind of establishment and VAT registration in Ireland. If that is the case the same from the UK to Ireland, within the EU (and during the transitional period till end 2020) is a zero-rated intra-Community supply.

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Answered on 11 February 2020 5:28 pm