Personal reliefs and tax credits

The personal reliefs and tax credits you can use to reduce your income tax liability are:

As a deduction when computing taxable income

No limit: Gifts to the Minister for Finance (s 483).

€150,000: Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) (s 490).

€35,000: This is the maximum foreign earnings deduction (FED) available to employees working in Algeria, Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, China, Columbia, Congo, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam. (s 823A). It is proportionate to the number of qualifying days spent working in those countries.

€75,000: Carer for incapacitated person (s 467).

€31,750: Expenditure on heritage buildings/gardens (s 482).

€6,350: Seafarer allowance (s 472B).

€3,810 with €1,270 increase for each child: Previously long-term unemployed person (s 472A). In the second tax year of employment, it is €2,540 with €850 increase for each child, and in the third tax year, €1,270 with €425 increase for each child.

As a tax credit against tax liability

No limit: Medical expenses (s 469).

€3,600: Widowed parent in the first year after bereavement; €3,150 (second year); €2,700 (third year); €2,250 (fourth year); €1,800 (fifth year).

€3,300: Incapacitated child (per child) (s 465).

€3,300: Married couple, or civil partners, basic personal tax credit (s 461).

€2,700: Health insurance premiums (s 470B), where the insured is aged 85+ on contract date or renewal date; €2,400 (aged 80 – 84); €2,025 (aged 75 – 79); €1,400 (aged 70 – 74); €975 (aged 65 – 69); €600 (aged 60 – 64).

€1,650: Basic personal tax credit (s 461).

€1,650: Single person child carer credit (s 462). Goes to the child’s primary carer.

€1,650: Blind person (s 468).

€1,650: Employee tax credit (s 472).

€3,300: Widowed person, or surviving civil partner (bereavement year) (s 461).

€3,000 (excess over): College fees (Full-time course) (s 473A).

€1,500 (excess over): College fees (Part-time course) (s 473A).

€1,270: Fisher tax credit (s 472BA).

€1,500: Home carer (s 466A).

€1,350: Earned income tax credit (s 472AB).

€540: Widowed person, or surviving civil partner (other years) (s 461A).

€490: Married couple, or civil partners one of whom is aged 65 or more (s 464).

€254: Training course fees (s 476) (max).

€245: Individual aged 65 or more (s 464).

€70: Dependent relative (per relative) (s 466)