Tax and wealth planning seminar 2018 – Online seminar

The 2018 Tax and Wealth Planning Seminar 2018 covers a wide variety of topics which vary from VAT, investing, dispute resolution, and many more.

This easy to understand seminar features some of Ireland’s top tax and business experts.

By taking the time to watch this seminar you can:

  • Use the expertise to take your business to the next level.
  • Grow your knowledge base.
  • Ensure that all of your staff are up to date with the latest trends.

Speakers: Alan Moore, Alan Werlau, Dearbhla Cunningham, Donal Kennedy, Frank Greene, James Caron, and Ken Killoran


Good outcomes come from aligning your investments with your financial objectives and time horizons. While this can sound quite straightforward it requires ongoing dialogue as circumstances and priorities change over time. Investment decisions should be driven by what is happening in your life as opposed to investment markets.
PAYE Modernisation and the practical considerations for SMEs, as well as an overview of share incentive plans for SMEs and the associated tax benefits, will be included in Ken’s talk. He will also cover some other topical employment tax issues. e.g. employed versus self-employed and reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses.
The current VAT on property regime is with us for over 10 years, but many still refer to the “new rules”! It is only in recent years that the rules are being stress tested and the difficulties identified. Donal will share his insights in relation to recent changes in the application of VAT to property transactions and discuss some areas of risk.
In this talk Frank will cover all aspects of tax structuring and tax efficient reward for the individuals who own and run their businesses. From setting up the appropriate tax efficient structures, the outset, reward during the ownership period and the various tax aspects of an exit from the business through MBO’s (Management buy outs), passing on to family or a sale to a third party.This will also cover the recent legislation on how the sale of a business is financed and the pitfalls to avoid.
In his presentation James asks, ‘are clients fully aware of the basic steps they should be taking to protect both themselves and their businesses, in the present and in the future to minimise tax leakage on gifts and bequests through the use of insured products?’.
Dearbhla will give an update on trends in tax dispute resolution including recent decisions of the Superior Courts and TAC and the practical implications for taxpayers and concerning jurisdiction of TAC, procedural issues, and tax issues with a focus on trends that are likely to be of interest to the busy tax practitioner.
Alan goes through some interesting case studies based on Taxworld members area FAQs


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