Finance Act 2018

The seminar for forward-thinking tax professionals

In this course you will:

  • Discover the key tax law changes that the Finance Act 2018 will bring such as tax band changes, new exit tax rules, control of foreign companies, and loads more
  • Keep up to date on tax planning opportunities in the areas such as pensions and GMS

Delivered by Alan Moore from Taxworld.

Ensure that you and your staff are up to date with all of the latest trends.

Module 1 Course material
Unit 1 Couse Material
Module 2 Income Tax
Unit 1 USC rates
Unit 2 Income tax bands
Unit 3 Earned income tax credit
Unit 4 Home carer tax credit
Unit 5 Hepatitis C compensation payments
Unit 6 Childcare support payments
Unit 7 Members of permanent defence forces
Unit 8 Electric car or van
Unit 9 Health or dental insurance policy
Unit 10 Key Employee Engagement Programme (KEEP)
Unit 11 Additional superannuation contribution (ASC)
Unit 12 Social welfare payments
Unit 13 Week 53
Unit 14 Special Assignee Relief Programme (SARP)
Module 3 IT, CT, CGT
Unit 1 Magdalen Restorative Justice Ex-Gratia Scheme
Unit 2 Energy efficient equipment
Unit 3 Gas-powered vehicles
Unit 4 Fitness centres and creches
Unit 5 Loan by company controlled by close company
Unit 6 Farming
Unit 7 Start-up companies
Unit 8 Rental deductions
Unit 9 Rent-a-room relief
Unit 10 Employment investment incentive scheme
Module 4 Corporation Tax
Unit 1 Film investment
Unit 2 Controlled foreign companies (CFCs)
Unit 3 Intangible assets
Module 5 CGT
Unit 1 Trust becoming non- resident
Unit 2 Disposal of site to child
Unit 3 Farm restructuring
Unit 4 Exit tax
Module 6 VAT
Unit 1 VAT rates
Unit 2 Immovable goods
Unit 3 Repayments
Module 7 Stamp Duties
Unit 1 Contracts
Unit 2 Farming relief
Unit 3 Right of appeal
Module 8 Capital Acquisitions Tax
Unit 1 Miscellaneous
Unit 2 Dwelling-house relief
Unit 3 Threshold
Module 9 Revenue Powers
Unit 1 PAYE modernisation
Unit 2 Four year limit
Unit 3 Exempt bodies
Unit 4 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)