Finance planning 2017 issues and opportunities

James Caron discusses practical strategies for protecting your personal, family and business wealth. The presentation will focus on: Recent pension changes from Finance Act 2016 Potential changes under consideration by Pensions Authority Purchasing property using Pension Funds Why some individuals are drawing down their Irish pensions in foreign jurisdictions.
Module 1 Pensions Authority Proposals June 2016  
Unit 1 Pensions Authority Proposals June 2016
Module 2 Property and Pensions  
Unit 1 Property and pensions
Unit 2 Investments restrictions
Unit 3 Borrowing rules S16 FA 2004
Unit 4 Practical example
Module 3 Corporate Investments  
Unit 1 Corporate investments
Module 4 International Dimension  
Unit 1 Overseas pensions transfers
Unit 2 Maltese option
Unit 3 Health warning
Module 5 Case studies  
Unit 1 Case study
Unit 2 Case study 2 several companies
Module 6 Wrap Up  
Unit 1 Bankruptcy
Unit 2 Case study ARF v PRSA